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Message to candidates for this department

At Wakayama Medical University Second Department of Surgery, we are recruiting doctors to enter the department.

Our teaching department is responsible for hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery, upper gastrointestinal tract surgery (esophagus and stomach), lower gastrointestinal tract surgery (small and large intestines and anus), pediatric surgery, endocrine surgery (thyroid and adrenal gland), endoscopic surgery and general surgery (retroperitoneum and hernia, etc.), allowing trainee doctors to receive man-to-man instruction from specialists in various conditions within these areas.

Furthermore, our related institutions include more than 30 leading hospitals in Wakayama and Osaka Prefectures, allowing doctors to gain valuable clinical experience once they have completed their training as physicians.

We are proactively engaged in research activities, too, with a large volume of basic research and clinical trials in oncology being carried out, comprising clinical research, genetic diagnosis, gene therapies, immune therapy and chemotherapy. We recruit graduate students on an annual basis, and carry out basic research in a broad range of areas of cutting-edge medicine.

* Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have or advice you may require in regard to applying to our program. Anyone interested in the program may visit the department – please contact us to discuss this.

( We do not discriminate between graduates of Wakayama University and those of other universities)

Contact: Dr. Tsukasa Hotta

Second Department of Surgery

811-1, Kimiidera, Wakayama City,641-8510
TEL:073-441-0613 FAX: 073-446-6566